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Secure your business emails with ease on our robust systems

Feature-rich Email Solution

From everyday professional emails to scaled-up inboxes for secure corporate communications, we got you covered. All our email plans come packed with industry's best email security and anti-spam protections.

Cloud AI antivirus and spam defense
Faster, productive webmail access
More savings with flexible storage pools
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Managed DNS

Use Slickalpha mDNS to host DNS records for your domain name on our nameservers. Our DNS systems will solve for you, the most difficult part of email DNS configurations, while setting up your new email accounts.

Easy-to-use DNS Manager
Autoconfigured DNS for Mailspaces
One-click Public DNS Imports
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Instant Setup

Managing a professional email address for your domain name now made easy as clicking few buttons. No technical expertise necessary to setup your mailspace; Lo and behold, Slickalpha platform does all the heavy lifting for you.

Mere clicks to setup new email accounts
Autoconfigured email client access
Quickly scale resources as needed
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