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Instant Setup

Our email solution is designed to make mailspace management so easy and quick to set up, skipping common technical hurdles.

Super easy to get started

SlickAlpha business email focuses on simplicity with the most effortless mailbox setup. All non-automated tasks are self-explanatory, taking mere clicks to get started.

Automated configurations

Use our free DNS service to import DNS records required for email clients, and import existing public DNS records.

Faster upgrades and renewals

Scaling and renewing your custom mailspace can be done instantly, supporting the growth and needs of your business.

Safe & Secure Email

Our robust custom email services are built to efficiently balance between security and compatibility, without compromising on one another.

Antivirus and spam defense

All custom email solutions include free antivirus and spam-guard protections, providing you with safe access. Our mail systems are inspected regularly against the newest threats and vulnerabilities.

Password security

Passwords are securely and irretrievably hashed on our servers. Every time you enter a password, we validate them and inform you of insecure passwords.

SSL encryption

All data transfers on our platforms are securely encrypted, following the latest encryption protocols and secure practices.

Flexible Storage Pools

Storage pools are a subscription-based storage sharing system, where each mailbox gets assigned the space it requires from total purchased space.

Minimize idle space

Storage Pools support efficient storage allocation and availability, thus minimizing wastage from unused mailspace.

Scalable & super-flexible

No more deleting email. Expanding storage is super easy and instant.

Save more always

Conserve expenses from unused excess resources, and use them where your business needs them the most.

Effortless Email Imports

We offer you the easiest email import experience ever. You only need to enter your email address and password, our systems will scan and import your email.

Simple & Secure

Our email import interface is the easiest and the most efficient out there. Get your transfer tokens ready, and securely import your email.

No restrictions

There is no limit to the amount of email you can import. Expand storage and get extra transfer data with our mailspace add-ons.

Transparent Pricing

Get transfer tokens for just $0.50 and transfer up to 1 GB of data with each token. Free transfer tokens are included with all mailspace subscriptions.

Productive Webmail

Free and faster webmail access for all email plans. Simplicity meets productivity.

Easy setup

Using SlickAlpha DNS, your mailspace will be automatically configured to use our free webmail service. No more tinkering with the DNS settings.

Privacy focused

Webmail comes packed with plenty of privacy features, protecting you from prying bots and trackers.

HTML editing and signatures

Create email signatures and edit HTML directly on your webmail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Business Email

Email is crucial for business communications. Businesses require two email setups: one for receiving and responding to official email (also known as business email or webmail or custom email) and another for marketing and sending newsletters (also known as bulk mail or promotional email). Our business email solution gives you a secure and flexible way to send official business communications.

A storage pool is the amount of storage space that a mailspace can share between its mailboxes. You can limit the amount of storage space each mailbox can consume on a mailspace subscription. Storage pools can be scaled up instantly using mailspace add-ons.

We offer a business email solution that can be used solely for official business communications, and to communicate with your business prospects. Our service should not be used for "bulk"/marketing emails or be confused with "anonymous" email services.

Our Mailspaces are base subscriptions that allocate email storage and access to you on our cloud for your domain.

Mailboxes are individual email addresses (like used for sending and receiving email, with storage allocated from it's mailspace. Each mailspace comes with a set of free mailboxes. You can increase the mailboxes available to your mailspace, by upgrading it or by using add-ons.

Aliases are email addresses that can forward email to your mailbox, but cannot send email or have email storage on their own.

All our business email solutions come with effective spam protections. Our anti-spam systems are highly accurate when it comes to detecting spam and junk emails, with a success rate of up to 99%. This means you can be sure that your inbox will remain free of any unwanted and potentially malicious emails.

To ensure that our network is available to all our patrons, we use sending limits and spam filters to filter out outgoing emails. However, our sending limits are rarely exceeded on everyday usage, which is tied to efficient usage rather than strict limits.

Fresh messages to any external mailbox
~5 messages per minute
~100 messages per hour
~400 messages per day
~1000 messages per week

Replies to any external mailbox
~5 messages per minute
~∞ Unlimited otherwise

All communications within your mailspace
∞ Unlimited

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