Frequently Asked Questions

Managed DNS

To simply put, if domain names (like are human-readable ways of addressing and accessing services on the internet, a domain names' DNS hosting help internet networks resolve and direct visitors of those domain names to internet locations such as a web server or a mailspace.

Our free DNS solution offers several added benefits including importing your public DNS records from the web and create automated entries for your mailspace subscriptions.

Domain verification helps us verify your ownership of the domain name. Domain verification also helps check your DNS configuration, to make sure the DNS records will resolve correctly.

Slickalpha DNS is a free DNS hosting solution, where you can host and manage your domain's DNS records. For more information, please read our documentation on setting up mDNS for your domain name.

We currently support all widely used record types such as A, CNAME and TXT. We have plans to support all common DNS record types very soon.

When you add a domain name on your Slickalpha account with Managed DNS option selected, our systems lookup for your public DNS records on the web.

For DNS imports to work correctly, please add your domain name first, check for missing records if any and manually add them before switching the nameservers on your domain registrar's website.

Business Email

Emails are essential for every business, for both receiving and storing important communications (well known as 'Webmail', 'Business email', etc,..) as well as for email marketing (also known as 'Bulk mail', 'Promotional mail', etc,..).

Our business email offers faster, safer and efficient webmail solution for your business and organizational communications, designed economically for startups and small businesses.

We offer free base storage with all email plans to start with. You can always expand your storage pools when you need them using add-ons.

Our business email solution is a Webmail type of service and can be used solely for receiving email and to respond and communicate with your business prospects (those consented per CAN-SPAM Act and other regulations), and for inter-organisation and other official business communications. We do not offer, and our service cannot be used for bulk/marketing emails or be mistaken for anonymous email services.

Storage pools are storage allocations for an email subscription which can be shared between mailboxes on that subscription. For example, when you purchase a subscription with 9 mailboxes, you can allocate how much space each of those 9 mailboxes can consume.

All our business email solutions come with efficient spam guards with up to 97%+ accuracy in detecting incoming spam and junk emails.

All outgoing emails are filtered through sending limits and spam filters to protect our network and make sure our resources are available for everyone. However, our sending limits are rarely exhausted on everyday usage, which are tiered for efficient usage as opposed to strict limits.

Fresh messages to any external mailbox
~5 messages per minute
~100 messages per hour
~400 messages per day
~1000 messages per week

Replies to any external mailbox
~5 messages per minute
~∞ Unlimited otherwise

All communications within your mailspace
∞ Truly unlimited

Email Pricing

Our pricing model for custom email are monthly and yearly subscriptions for both base-plans and add-ons. Validity months/years can be set during checkout. Each validity month has 30 days.

Email subscriptions expire soon after N-validity months/years from subscription setup. Each validity month has 30 days. Time of purchase is not used for calculating email subscription expiry. Also, you can hold up to 3 unset email subscriptions on your account. Email subscriptions are canceled automatically and it's data removed, 10 days after expiry.

There are no long term commitments and no hidden fees. You can cancel your subscription anytime or upgrade them as per your needs.

Absolutely! Click the 'Start for free' button and start using Slickalpha mailspaces free for 1 year. Offer valid for first purchase.

Of-course! Start with a plan within your present budget, and scale them along your business.

Our email plans are economical and cost-efficient by reducing wastage on idle resources, all the while maintaining superior value. Try our email solution for free and tell us how we're doing.

Early Access Program

Slickalpha Early Access is an early-release phase when you can avail risk-free access to our platform, months before our products are made available globally. During this time you get extra benefits in return for your patience, feedback, and insights helping us build a better platform.

1. EARLYACCESS (Flat 60% off on first five annual subscriptions.)
Checkout 6X with EARLYACCESS

2. EARLYBIRD (Flat 100% off on STARTUP-3X email subscription with validity of 1 year. First purchase only.)
Checkout 3X with EARLYBIRD

Slickalpha offers 30-days money back guarantee on select products such as email subscriptions, with automated full refund. During EA phase, you can avail a special 90-day cancellation with full refund. To check refund eligibility and to avail refunds, click the cancel order button on order details page.

Please note, extended 90-day money back guarantee is applicable only until EA program completion, and refund requests that were made during the EA phase. During General Availability, all eligible products will fallback to the standard 30-day refund policy.

Slickalpha platform comes with awesome benefits such as free DNS, free Webmail platform (, three-months free trial (using TRIALEMAIL promo code) and a 30-day money back guarantee on all email subscriptions.

During EA program, you get extra benefits of extended 90-day money back guarantee, and up to 100% off on email subscriptions using EA-exclusive coupon codes.

Your feedback is invaluable to us, and during this stage they exert greater impact on our platform. Please send your feedback directly to our inbox at

Although most features of Slickalpha platform are final, as we receive feedback and iterate on our products, we may make necessary design changes and implementations. We may also choose not to progress some features to general availability. Our team of experts have vetted the platform for bugs and errors, however, there is a slight possibility that you may encounter few functional and performance glitches with occasional downtime.


We accept all major cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

Yes, on select products and services, when purchased using cards. For email subscriptions, you get 30-day money back guarantee, with automated full refunds. Partial refunds (pro-rated) are available on select products and services, which gets added to your account balance. To check refund eligibility and to avail refunds, please click the cancel order button on order details page.

Account balance is a wallet-like currency, which can be used for your purchases. Currently, we do not support withdrawal of account balance.

Payments are charged immediately after checkout. Payments on our platform must be re-authorized for each payment. We do not store your card information.

Discounts are available through coupon codes available on select products and services. Check offers page for coupons, which can be applied on checkout page.

Bonus credits are limited-usage tokens which can be used to avail discounts (Up to 90%) on select products and services.