How do I import my email to SlickAlpha?

We offer you the easiest email import experience ever, thanks to our simple interface and automated processing. All you need is an email account accessible through IMAP protocol. Follow our step-by-step guides below and import your email to SlickAlpha.

Above guides should cover all common procedures involving email import from public email services as well as other private email services with IMAP access. Some "privacy" email services like Protonmail may not be compatible with SlickAlpha email imports. Be sure to try our free IMAP Analyzer tool to validate your email account for SlickAlpha email imports. For help migrating your email to SlickAlpha, our support team is eager to resolve your queries.

Pro Tip: Coolest feature of our email import experience is Auto Requeue. You turn it on, and forget about it. It will automatically import your email everyday.

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