Terms, Agreements & Policies

This is an introduction answering some common questions pertaining to our terms, agreements, and policies. Please read the Terms Of Service Agreement carefully to determine which provisions apply to you.
What are the Terms? And which documents constitute the Terms?
The Terms Of Service Agreement (referred to as โ€œTermsโ€) is a binding legal contract required to use our website and services. The Terms, along with the policies mentioned below, together with all other notices, disclaimers, and guidelines appearing on our Products, govern all services that SlickAlpha provides you.
When do the Terms apply to you?
By creating an account, or by filling out forms on our websites, you acknowledge acceptance of the Terms. Regardless of these methods, when you access or use our websites and services, these Terms apply and are legally binding on you.
How are disputes are handled under the Terms?
Our Terms require you to agree to resolve disputes arising under these Terms through binding arbitration between you and SlickAlpha. In arbitration, a neutral arbitrator or panel of arbitrators will hear both sides arguments and decide in an expedient and cost-effective manner.

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