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Frequently Asked Questions

Early Access Program

Slickalpha Early Access is an early-release phase when you can avail risk-free access to our platform, months before our products are made available globally. During this time you get extra benefits in return for your patience, feedback, and insights helping us build a better platform.

1. EARLYACCESS (Flat 60% off on first five annual subscriptions.)
Checkout 6X with EARLYACCESS

2. EARLYBIRD (Flat 100% off on STARTUP-3X email subscription with validity of 1 year. First purchase only.)
Checkout 3X with EARLYBIRD

Slickalpha offers 30-days money back guarantee on select products such as email subscriptions, with automated full refund. During EA phase, you can avail a special 90-day cancellation with full refund. To check refund eligibility and to avail refunds, click the cancel order button on order details page.

Please note, extended 90-day money back guarantee is applicable only until EA program completion, and refund requests that were made during the EA phase. During General Availability, all eligible products will fallback to the standard 30-day refund policy.

Slickalpha platform comes with awesome benefits such as free DNS, free Webmail platform (webmail3.com), three-months free trial (using TRIALEMAIL promo code) and a 30-day money back guarantee on all email subscriptions.

During EA program, you get extra benefits of extended 90-day money back guarantee, and up to 100% off on email subscriptions using EA-exclusive coupon codes.

Your feedback is invaluable to us, and during this stage they exert greater impact on our platform. Please send your feedback directly to our inbox at feedback@slickalpha.com.

Although most features of Slickalpha platform are final, as we receive feedback and iterate on our products, we may make necessary design changes and implementations. We may also choose not to progress some features to general availability. Our team of experts have vetted the platform for bugs and errors, however, there is a slight possibility that you may encounter few functional and performance glitches with occasional downtime.

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